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本文摘要:Whether you leave business school to become a corporate manager, a professional high performer or an entrepreneur, you will spend much of your time on tasks unrelated to your expertise. Only the most senior executives now have dedicated personal assistants and so the more mundane work of email, scheduling meetings and booking travel eats up your time.不管你从商学院毕业后是要沦为一位公司经理、卓越的专业人士还是一位创业者,你都会在与你的专业牵涉到的工作上花费大量时间。

Whether you leave business school to become a corporate manager, a professional high performer or an entrepreneur, you will spend much of your time on tasks unrelated to your expertise. Only the most senior executives now have dedicated personal assistants and so the more mundane work of email, scheduling meetings and booking travel eats up your time.不管你从商学院毕业后是要沦为一位公司经理、卓越的专业人士还是一位创业者,你都会在与你的专业牵涉到的工作上花费大量时间。现在只有最高级别的高管才备有专门的私人助理,因此,处置电邮、决定会议以及差旅预计这种较为无趣的工作不会毁灭你的时间。A new generation of employees is looking for ways to reclaim that time so they can spend it finding solutions to serious problems: the work that will get them credit and help them advance. This work also develops their expertise and helps them remain valuable when artificial intelligence finally becomes clever enough to do all the most predictable tasks.新一代员工于是以设法寻回这些时间,这样他们就可以把时间用在寻找最重要问题的解决方案上:这些最重要工作不会让他们获得接纳并协助他们晋升。


这些工作还不会提升他们的专业技能,并协助他们在人工智能最后聪慧到不足以已完成所有最可预测的工作时依然有价值。Instead of just “bring your own device” — the tech fad of the past decade that allowed people to use their personal computers, smartphones, or other devices for work purposes — these employees are bringing their own assistant. They are paying for services to be completed by either a remote assistant who is a real person in a faraway office, or an AI-based assistant, or a hybrid version of the two.这些员工会只“拿着自己的设备”(“拿着自己的设备”是过去10年的科技风潮,容许人们把个人电脑、智能手机或其他设备用作工作),还不会拿着自己的助理。他们于是以为要么由远程助理(身在很远办公室的真人)、要么由人工智能助理或者两者混合已完成的服务收费。

I like the idea of a person taking care of my to-do list, running through the tasks I hate about my job: scheduling meetings in packed days at conferences, keeping my contacts lists up to date and doing my expenses. There are the tasks I hate in my personal life, too: from calling companies to complain to remembering to send birthday cards early enough to reach family abroad.我讨厌让人处置我的文档事项,已完成工作中我不讨厌的部分:在会议密集的时候决定会议、改版我的通讯录以及缺席。还有一些我私人生活中不愿做到的事情:从打电话到各种公司滋扰,到提早给身在国外的家人相赠生日卡以便及时相赠到。But just as bring your own device caused a problem for corporate IT departments, which worried that they could not monitor smartphones they did not own for hackers, I am concerned that companies do not know that their employees are opening up their emails and calendars to remote workers in other organisations or inscrutable AI assistants.但正如拿着自己的设备给公司IT部门带给了问题(因为他们担忧,他们无法监测他们并不享有的智能手机防止黑客侵略),我担忧,公司也不会不确切他们的员工相反其他公司的远程员工或谜样的人工智能助理对外开放自己的电邮和日历。

The most basic form of AI assistant is the scheduler. Instead of sending several emails back and forth to find a time to meet, a user can copy in a pretend person, an artificial intelligence that reads your calendar and suggests times for the recipient. These include Julie Desk, Clara Labs and x.ai.人工智能助理的最基本形式是日程安排助理。用户不必重复往返发送到多封电邮以寻找开会时间,而要用遗文赠送给一个仿真人,这个人工智能不会加载你的日历,并为收件人建议时间。

获取这种服务的还包括Julie Desk、Clara Labs和x.ai等公司。When I contacted x.ai to arrange a call with its chief executive, “Andrew”, the AI, stepped in to set a time. At first, as a recipient, it felt a little rude: did they think their time was worth more than mine? But people get used to rudeness with technology: see the social acceptability of smartphones on the dinner table and children ordering around Alexa, Amazon’s AI personal assistant.当我联系x.ai决定给其首席执行官打电话的时间时,人工智能“安德鲁”(Andrew)插手了,老大我确认了时间。

最初,作为收件人,我感觉这有点不礼貌:他们否指出他们的时间比我的更加宝贵?但人们习惯了技术的不礼貌:想到餐桌上智能手机的社会认可度和孩子们用于亚马逊(Amazon)的个人助理Alexa采购产品的情形吧。Andrew suggested two times, right next to each other, not perhaps having the human sense to see I would rather have a choice of slots more spread out, in case I was not free for the whole afternoon. After I declined, he replied with the next slot in the chief executive’s calendar, also that afternoon, even though I had made several other suggestions.安德鲁建议了两个时间,是凸挨着的,有可能他没人类的理性来看出有我期望时间段的自由选择更加集中,防止我整个下午都没有时间。在我拒绝接受后,他在恢复中明确提出了这位首席执行官日历上的下一个时间,还是那天下午,尽管我明确提出过其他几个建议。


Eventually, we made it work. Dennis Mortensen, x.ai’s chief executive, said he focused the company on “vertical AI”, doing one thing well, because it was better to automate something “so simple, but so annoying”, than try, and fail, to fulfil the full tasks of a personal assistant. He sees x.ai as a “rebel product” that will spread through companies, like Dropbox and Slack before it, because employees see the need before their IT director does.最后,我们再一定案了时间。x.ai首席执行官丹尼斯?莫滕森(Dennis Mortensen)回应,他的公司注目“横向人工智能”,把一件事作好,因为与尝试已完成私人助理的全部职责最后告终比起,将“很非常简单但很烦人”的事情自动化更加是非。他把x.ai视作一个“叛变性产品”,指出它将在各家公司间传播,就像之前的Dropbox和Slack,因为员工们不会在IT主管之前找到对它的市场需求。

Employees at companies from Salesforce to LinkedIn, Walmart to The New York Times have adopted the product, which costs $17 a month for an individual. It costs $59 a month per user if an enterprise wants to buy it with extra security protections and analytics, which can be used “to drive productivity”. He says these are “individuals in pain” and he wants to provide other vertical services, such as booking travel or claiming expenses.从Salesforce到领有英(LinkedIn),从沃尔玛(Walmart)到《纽约时报》(The New York Times),很多公司的员工都用于了x.ai的产品,收费标准是每人每月17美元。如果一家企业期望出售具有额外安全性维护和分析功能的版本(可以用来“推展生产率”),花费是每位用户每月59美元。

他回应,这些员工是“伤痛中的个人”,他期望获取其他横向服务,例如差旅预计或缺席。However, some people who want a broader range of tasks taken off their hands are turning to remote assistants who are actual people whose time they can book in increments.然而,期望把更加多任务分离出来的一些人于是以求救远程助理,这些助理是真人,他们的时间可以定量预计。Fancy Hands is one such service, providing US-based assistants who can do everything from manage travel itineraries to calling customer service. They can even take on higher-level tasks such as generating leads for sales or sifting applications for entry-level posts. Plans range from five requests a month at $30 to 50 requests a month at $199.99. Other companies include Get Friday, where you can also buy gift vouchers for stressed friends, and Moneypenny in the UK.Fancy Hands就是这种服务,获取美国助理,他们可以做到任何事,从管理旅行日程到调用客户服务。


其他公司还包括Get Friday,在这里你还可以为压力大的朋友出售礼品券。还有英国的Moneypenny。Joshua Boltuch, chief executive of Fancy Hands, says many tasks need a human’s ability to think critically. But he says even Fancy Hands’ assistants are better at tasks where there is a black-and-white answer not, for example, buying you a dress for an event, which a personal assistant may be able to do if they know your taste in clothes.Fancy Hands首席执行官约书亚?博尔图什(Joshua Boltuch)回应,很多任务必须人类批判性思维的能力。

但他回应,甚至连Fancy Hands的助理都更加擅长于答案具体的任务,而不是为你参与活动出售连衣裙,如果私人助理理解你对服装的品味,他也许能为你做到这些。Another service, Fin, tries to make the best of both worlds by combining human and machine intelligence. Sam Lessin, founder of Fin Exploration, writes in his blog how he uses Fin to set up regular catch-ups, follow up with people he meets at conferences, prepare for meetings with new people, submit expenses, or to arrange events. Fin charges a dollar “per effective minute worked”, based on its own calculations of how long tasks take, with a monthly minimum of two hours, or $120.还有一项服务Fin企图将人类和机器智能融合在一起,超过两全其美。Fin Exploration创始人萨姆?莱辛(Sam Lessin)在博客中写到,他如何利用Fin制作常规第一时间表格、与他在会议上遇到的人展开先前联系、为与陌生人的会议做到打算、提交缺席单据或者决定活动。Fin的收费方式是“每有效地分钟”1美元,依据是该公司自己计算出来的任务耗时,每月最多两小时,120美元。

All these services appear tempting for those pressed for time. But I still worry that by adopting these services on your own, you could potentially expose corporate secrets, in return for saving you and your employer time and money.所有这些服务或许都对那些时间紧绷的人很有吸引力。但我仍担忧,擅自用于这些服务,可能会以曝露公司秘密为代价,为你和你的雇员节省时间和金钱。

Instead, I believe buying subscriptions to these services could be a better perk than benefits such as free snacks or on-premises dry cleaning. It could be especially useful for people juggling work with caring responsibilities.我指出,企业出售这些服务有可能高于免费零食或购票乳化剂等福利。它对于那些工作辛苦同时肩负照管责任的人尤其简单。Employers can then monitor the services to ensure they are secure and understand which tasks are being outsourced. Employees can get help in the short term, but spend their time on the important work that is essential for their careers in the long run.然后企业可以监督这些服务,以保证它们是安全性的,并理解哪些工作被外包。员工可以短期内取得协助,而把时间花上在对于他们长年职业发展至关重要的工作上。

Start-up founders take to the concept of remote assistants创业者对于利用虚拟世界助理服务尤其感兴趣,因为他们的企业是间歇发展的,很难告诉何时该聘请新的员工。最重要的是,初创企业创始人还要为他们的企业制订自己的规则,因此可以要求他们乐意把哪些信息曝露给人工智能服务或远程助理。Entrepreneurs are particularly attracted to using virtual assistant services, as their businesses grow in fits and starts, making it hard to know when to take on new staff. Importantly, start-up founders also get to make their own rules about their businesses and so can decide what information they are happy to expose to an AI service or remote assistant.运动员代理机构VaynerSports牵头创始人AJ?韦纳丘克(AJ Vaynerchuk)在他开始用于Fin时“退出了聘请全职助理的奢华点子”。这位优步(Uber)、Snapchat和Venmo的投资者回应,他就越用于这个平台,他的进账就越少。


AJ Vaynerchuk, co-founder of VaynerSports, an agency that represents athletes, “gave up the luxury of having a full-time assistant” when he started using Fin. The investor at Uber, Snapchat and Venmo says the more he uses the platform, the more he gets out of it.社交网站Reddit和旅行应用于Hipmunk的创始人阿历克斯?瓦尼安(Alexis Ohanian)极为信赖远程助理服务Fancy Hands。他在该公司网站上的一篇评论中回应:“(它)让我能挣脱日程安排、打电话和查资料这些事情,这样我就能把注意力放到最重要的事情上。”Alexis Ohanian, founder of social site Reddit and travel app Hipmunk, swears by Fancy Hands, the remote assistant service. “[It] allows me to hand off tasks like scheduling, calling and research so I can focus on what’s most important,” he said in a review on the company’s site.在Twitter上,众多企业创始人大赞x.ai的日程助理艾米(Amy)。

Impression VC创始人克里斯蒂安?拉松德(Christian Lassonde)回应,它“很神秘”。他回应:“艾米最后将一次会议被拒与一封说道我们必需重新安排的邮件联系在一起。科技充分发挥了起到,我讨厌。”On Twitter, founders rave about Amy, the x.ai scheduler. Christian Lassonde, founder of Impression VC, said it was “magic”. “Amy finally connected a meeting decline to an email saying we had to reschedule. I love it when technology works,” he says.咨询公司Caliber Insights所有者、常务董事希瑟?格罗佛(Heather Grove)回应,人们常常把她的人工智能助理误将当成真人。